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We are licensed in the Department of Insurance, State of Illinois as a Preferred Provider Administrator. We administer a program called Resource1 dental Implant Benefit program that offers a membership to the public similar to a premium for a National insurance company. The main difference between Bio-Life, LLC and an insurance company is that Bio-Life is not an insurance company. Payments for services are paid directly to the doctor and not through a third party like an insurance carrier.    

Here is how the Resource1 program works:

      1. The consumer buys the Resource1 dental implant benefit program for an initial $150 membership fee.

       2. This membership entitles the consumer to purchase a list of dental implant procedures needed to correct tooth loss at 40-50% less                       than the usual and customary fees charged by dentists outside of the Resource1 network. This could mean a savings of Hundreds of                       dollars!

      3. After treatment has been completed, the member has the option to continue in the Resource 1 program for a yearly renewal fee of $99

            This renewal membership provides the consumer with several benefits:

                a. A ten year replacement warranty for the dental implant and abutments. 

                b. Reduced fees for additional treatment.