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List of Basic Fees*:   


Dental Implant Placement with FDA approved titanium implants $1,500
Porcelain-Metal Implant Crown(s) $1,000
All Porcelain (zirconia base) Implant Crown(s) $1,100
Bone Graft $475
Sinus Lift $475
Sinus Augmentation $1,850
Extraction - General $150
Extraction - Surgical $225
O-Ring Overdenture $3,200
Overdenture Hader Bar $8,500
Fixed-Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis $5,500
Porcelain Veneers $1200.00
InVisalign (Clear Braces) $4,500
Tooth Whitening (Per Arch) $150
ALL ON 6 - 6 Implants with Porcelain Teeth (*ALL INCLUSIVE) $14,500
     (*All Inclusive - Includes Extractions,Bone Grafts and permanent teeth)  

*When you are a member of the Resource 1 Dental Implant Benefit Program

A Center for Dental Implants (ACDI) is the EXCLUSIVE Provider for Resource 1 Dental Implant Benefit Program.