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List of Resource1 Implant Fees*: 


Dental Implant Placement with FDA approved titanium implants $1,500 ea
Porcelain-Metal Implant Crown(s) $1,200 ea
All Porcelain (zirconia base) Implant Crown(s) $1,200 ea
Bone Graft $475
Sinus Lift $475
Sinus Augmentation $1,850
Extraction - General $150 ea
Extraction - Surgical $225 ea
O-Ring Overdenture $3,200
All-On-Six with fixed permanent porcelain teeth (12 teeth) $18,500
Fixed-Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis $6,500
Porcelain Veneers $1200.00ea

 "A NEW SMILE WITH IMPLANTS TODAY" All inclusive 6 or more implants, preliminary and final teeth, tooth extractions, bone grafting, pre-diagnostic data and sedation. This treatment will provide the patient who has an ill-fitting denture or who has been told that they are going to lose their natural teeth, with a full set of implant teeth and a beautiful smile all in one day at one location.  This is the "IMPLANTS TODAY" protocol as advertised on tv and radio. The patient presents in the morning and by the afternoon the patient leaves with firmly attached beautiful teeth and a fantastic smile!

$18,500 per arch


IMPLANT MAINTENANCE: Including the removal of the prosthesis, cleansing of prosthesis, and abutments. This procedure includes a prophylaxis to debride the implant, examination of all aspects of the implant system, including the occlusion and stability of the superstructure. Also included is instruction on thorough cleansing of the implant(s)  $190

*When you are a member of the Resource 1 Dental Implant Benefit Program

A Center for Dental Implants in Oak Brook Illinois (ACDI) is the EXCLUSIVE Surgical Provider for Resource 1 Dental Implant Benefit Program.