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List of Resource1 Implant Fees*:                     

Dental Implant Placement with FDA approved titanium implants $1,500
Porcelain-Metal Implant Crown(s) $1,000
All Porcelain (zirconia base) Implant Crown(s) $1,100
Bone Graft $475
Sinus Lift $475
Sinus Augmentation $1,850
Extraction - General $150
Extraction - Surgical $225
O-Ring Overdenture $3,200
Overdenture Hader Bar $10,500
Fixed-Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis $5,500
Porcelain Veneers $1200.00

 "ALL ON 4 TEETH IN A DAY" All inclusive 4 or more implants, preliminary and final teeth, tooth extractions, bone grafting, pre-diagnostic data and sedation. This protocol will provide the patient with a beautiful smile all in one day at one location.  This is the "All on 4" protocol as advertised on tv and radio. The patient presents in the morning and by the afternoon the patient leaves with firmly attached beautiful teeth and a fantastic smile!

ALL ON 6 - 6 Implants with Porcelain fixed Teeth  $14,500
     Includes Extractions,Bone Grafts and permanent teeth)This is a two staged procedure.  

*When you are a member of the Resource 1 Dental Implant Benefit Program

A Center for Dental Implants in Oak Brook Illinois (ACDI) is the EXCLUSIVE Provider for Resource 1 Dental Implant Benefit Program.